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Monday, 14 January 2013

Back to Bequia

The Caribbean is much smaller than we expected. As we reached the beach at Tobago Cays, we saw some familiar faces – Red Hackle was already there along with Elizabeth’s new friend, Line. Elizabeth was overjoyed and the two girls spent a couple of hours snorkelling in the lagoon, watching the turtles. By morning, Red Hackle had departed before we were able to get Line’s address, but was waiting when we returned to Bequia. Elizabeth and Line spent another hour jumping off the boat and swimming back aboard and we now have her contact details.
I caught a slave!
As we were leaving Red Hackle, the crew of Gimcrack hailed us – they were on their way into Immigration with two charter guests aboard. They also gave us news that Cipango had recently left Barbados bound also for Bequia so it looks as if they have managed to get their engine running at last. We hope to see them later today.

We snorkelled Horseshoe Reef and Jamesby Island in Tobago Cays yesterday. The children decided to circumnavigate the small rocky outcrop and found lots of molluscs, crabs and a little blue heron. After lunch, we sailed off the anchor to return to Bequia. The wind had swung to the northeast so was not so favourable for a northerly passage, but the conditions were smooth. We knew it would be tight to arrive in Bequia in daylight, but the light faded as we approached the southernmost headland. We motored up into Admiralty Bay, hideously aware that most of the boats would be unlit and that the leading light was not working. We crept forward in the darkness until we spied the returning ferry. “This is Guapa’s favourite trick!” announced James as he threw Croix des Gardes into gear and thrust her forward in pursuit. We chased the ferry into the channel and up to the anchorage, following its powerful spotlight and so avoiding any collisions.
Juvenile turtle in Bequia
Today we visited the hawksbill turtle sanctuary at Industry Bay on the other side of the island. The distances are short but we caught a taxi for the children’s sake. The centre rears hatchlings until they are five years’ old before releasing them, but other than tanks of turtles, there was little else to see so we didn’t stay long. Now we shall climb the hill overlooking the anchorage to visit Hamilton Fort.
Hamilton Fort, Bequia


  1. Loving reading about your trip!! E seems to be having the time of her life. How is M?
    Gill F.

  2. snow has arrived - stanstead operating - all flights to Amsterdam cancelled as they are snowbound - looks pretty here but minus 2. Glad to hear from you as the few days silence has been worrying - lovely pictures of E and M. love mum xx

  3. Elizabeth's hair is a lovely colour and your slave looks well fed and healthy. There's a Slavonian Grebe at Needingworth and quite a few waders moving about, I saw about 850 Black-tailed Godwits at Swavesy last week.

  4. The children here have been back at school for over a week, I hope E & M are keeping up with their lessons. Love Dad XXXXXX

  5. Hmm! All looking too good. Gransden still closed because of the wet - and it snowed yesterday as well!

    Excelent blog - keep it up!

    Pete B

  6. breaking news - agusta109 helicopter has crashed in Wandsworth Road Vauxhall - so far 2 dead 13 injured - it was travelling from Redhill to Elstree. love mum xx